Two TCU interns are in the house for crAFt, AvreaFoster’s summer internship program. Literally, in the house. Their houses to be exact.

Just like the rest of the AvreaFoster team, our interns are working from home during the pandemic.

For the past 15 years, AvreaFoster has delivered an internship program that provides valuable, hands-on experience in marketing, strategy and branding. Rather than cancel the program this year, we rolled up our sleeves, got creative and built a new and improved program that fits within our current business environment. Working remotely, we’re still able to offer an authentic look into agency life, by showing how the team at AvreaFoster plans, creates, produces and manage workloads. This real-world (albeit remote) experience adds a whole new dimension to learning.

Today, we welcomed Caroline and Lizzie to the program with a virtual breakfast video call, complete with handwritten welcome messages to make them feel right at home. We wish our 2020 crAFt interns the best with us this summer, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! And maybe we’ll even see them in person before the summer is over.