08 | 06 | 2018

5 Digital Healthcare Trends that Are Here to Stay

Proven tactics to drive engagement and increase conversions

Written by

Kenny Osborne

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Over the years, AvreaFoster has helped dozens of healthcare organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, make an impact using the latest marketing tactics. We’ve seen marketing trends come and go, but some tactics have staying power in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Marketing trends evolve at the pace of technological development, but the health services industry is exceptional in its rate of innovation. To keep pace with competitors, marketers must constantly reassess their strategies, disposing of ineffective methods and embracing new tactics.

Digital platforms remain essential to any well-rounded campaign, and no health services marketer can afford to discount any digital outlet. Even previously frivolous social apps now possess formidable marketing potential and deserve consideration.

AvreaFoster has abundant experience helping healthcare providers reach untapped audiences with relevant messaging that prompts meaningful engagement. The following tips are just a few of the digital strategies we’ve recently recommended.


Content Remains King

As the healthcare system transfers more responsibility over to patients, it’s imperative that health service marketers provide useful content to help patients navigate the overwhelming complexities of an immense network of insurers, doctors and employers. Generating relevant, actionable content will draw traffic and increase engagement while growing a loyal readership.


Precision Targeting

As marketing automation tools and social networks grow more sophisticated, marketers must focus their efforts by segmenting their audiences and personalizing their content. Develop specific personal profiles for your target customers and devote time to generating content that will address their needs and ease their burdens.


Location-Based Marketing

Mobile devices allow for pinpoint geographic targeting of users, so craft messaging that acknowledges your audience’s whereabouts if your product or service is location-sensitive. Geographic personalization will make mobile users feel they’re being specifically addressed and result in higher rates of conversion.


Don’t Neglect Video

More and more online users are hesitant to read content, favoring instead videos and more interactive modes of communication. Videos increase access to new audiences and encourage users to share content. It’s also a rich medium that allows marketers to reveal more about their brand and personality than just text.


Thought Leadership

All members of the healthcare community are generating digital content to reinforce their authority and expertise. Physicians are writing about common procedures, health insurers are blogging about patient needs, and industry commentators are issuing analysis on government policies. No one can afford to withhold their voice from the marketplace.

Investigate Multiple Tactics

Embracing digital tactics such as these can help your health services company stand apart from its rivals, attract more prospects and establish a bigger role in an increasingly complex industry. Rather than invest in one strategy, deploy multiple approaches to determine which works best for you. And if you’re struggling to increase engagement, consider partnering with an experienced brand consultancy to devise a more effective approach.

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