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Brand strategy is business strategy.

Branding is so much more than what people see. It’s an experience. It’s how a company makes a customer feel. How the brand behaves as markets shift. How it shows up among its peers. Done right, a brand is the engine that drives your business forward, aligning executive leaders and inspiring employees, engaging new customers and strengthening existing relationships.

Using your brand to drive long-term value.

Whether engaging in a brand refresh or starting from scratch, we take deliberate steps to ensure the end result is differentiating, authentic and designed to make a measurable impact. Because we are brand developers and marketers, we shape brands with the intent to bring them to market. This demands we understand your industry, your business and your many stakeholders, allowing us to serve as a strategic partner for many years to come.

Aligning insights with leadership.

We start with deep discovery that incorporates internal and external perspectives, market and industry trends, analysis of the competitive landscape and a comprehensive review of existing brand assets. All these insights coalesce into a roadmap that defines the brand strategy and messaging.

Our brand approach.

We work collaboratively to uncover a company’s brand essence, creating a strategic foundation and team of brand stewards that help drive powerful marketing communications — no matter where clients are on their business journey.


Through deep research, interviews and audits, we uncover evidence that aligns business strategy and brand strength.


We draft the most fundamental elements of the brand, a defining story that guides all messaging and inspires the visual identity.


We create a visual experience that differentiates and clarifies the brand, from logo and color palette to imagery and graphics to complete brand guidelines.


Using all the brand elements, we build sales and marketing materials that deliver measurable and sustainable value.

Our brand deliverables may include:




Marketing Personas
Positioning Statement
Tone of Voice + Brand Experience
Brand Narrative + Elevator Pitch

Visual Expression

Color Palette
Graphic Elements
Photography Style
Brand Guidelines

Client success is the only metric that matters.

Case Study

Ventric Health


“I consider AvreaFoster a true strategic partner. They jumped into the weeds and learned our complex business and, as a result, they have contributed to our growth in big, impactful ways.”
Kathy Hebling
VP, Marketing | Imagine360

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