A brand intervention

Originally called Avicena, this healthcare technology company and medical device provider was working to transform clinical interventions in cardiovascular health with its flagship product, Vivio® — a mobile device that helps diagnose heart failure. However, the company faced a lack of concise and differentiated messaging, a weak visual identity and a name that couldn’t be used due to trademark conflicts.

Services provided:

Company Naming
Visual Brand Identity
Logo Development
Strategic Messaging
Website Development
Branding Sales and Marketing Materials

Intelligence paves the way

Leveraging insights from a discovery phase, AvreaFoster was able to identify a new brand name that more intuitively communicated the company’s commitment to the cardiovascular space in healthcare. We honed go-to-market messaging that not only highlighted Ventric Health’s key differentiators, but also appealed to large health organizations serving elderly patient populations (those 65 years and older).

Client quote:

“The development of the Ventric Health brand was one of the most impactful projects of my career and holds a special place in my marketing heart.”
Tesia Folse
VP of Marketing, Ventric Health

Bringing Ventric Health to life

Along with the creation of the logo, an entirely new visual brand identity was designed to convey the company’s focus on data science, technological innovation and its pursuit of prolonging quality life for all. We oversaw the creation of a new website, drafting messaging and visuals that highlighted metric insights and results to support brand credibility and help capture leads. In addition to other support materials, including a PowerPoint design and Word template, we designed the look of the Vivio® app.

Client quote:

“Working with AvreaFoster was a game-changer for Ventric Health. They uncovered the essence of our brand and brought it to life in a way that connects with our target audience and captures our impact on the world.”
Sean Brady
CEO and Founder, Ventric Health

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