ABC Financial ( is a premier provider of technology and related services to over 8,000 health clubs. AvreaFoster was supporting the preparation for ABC’s participation in the preeminent industry convention when COVID-19 intervened. Canceled. Our work, of course, was put on hold; but our client, ABC, decided to assemble a resourceful internal team and go to work in a unique direction during this interim period.

The closing of gyms and fitness clubs globally generated an impressive flexing of marketing muscles from the ABC team, focusing their entire marketing outreach delivered solely as a social media campaign. How? Their clients were introduced to relevant financial support channels. A #StrongerTogether social campaign brought their industry together with a united mission of addressing the pandemic. And #FeelGoodFriday was launched as a platform of collaboration regarding the readiness of reopening. “Act fast and communicate often” was somewhat of a mantra for this optimization of social media as their primary communication effort. And it was obviously a mantra for success — increasing engagement beyond 400%.

Congratulations to the ABC team for truly impressive, meaningful offerings in the spirit of helping their colleagues! Follow @abcfinancialservices on Facebook.